Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Making Progress

I think we finally have some decisions made. A did not get into any of his top choices so we agreed for me to go to school next year. Yeah!

Philadelphia has 5 of the type of Master's program I would like to do. There are only about 100 in the nation to it makes it easier on people from that area to get admitted. I did a ton a research and have settled on Drexel as my top choice. The first reason is that the first step (my BSN) is only 11 months of class there. It is notorious as very intense but I would rather do it that way. Secondly, they have an early assurance program that allows you to apply to the Master's program, get the required work experience and then return for the degree. Finally, the pre-requirements were reasonable.

A has been apply for jobs in the area and we will move as soon as he has an excellent job and we sell the house. Very exciting.

I have spent the last 2 days on the phone straitening out the courses I need to take and smoothing over my application to our local community college. Hopefully, I will begin class Tuesday.

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